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16/ April
17/ April
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Prices and booking

Room type1 person / night2 person / night
Superior17 640 Ft22 050 Ft
Deluxe19 320 Ft24 150 Ft

Our prices do not include tourism tax that amounts to 450 HUF/night/person.

Children less than 6 years can stay free in the hotel, if they use the beds of the room or a portable cot. In our Deluxe rooms, we can assure an extra bed for children less than 6 years gratis. The price includes a continental breakfast.

The following cards are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, SZÉP kártya, Amex.

Check in: from 14,00 till 20.00, please inform the reception if you arrive after 20.00. 
Check out: until 10,00.

Booking is valid only after a written confirmation


Should you cancel your reservation within 5 days before arrival, 30% of booked services will be charged as cancellation fee.

Our restaurant is suitable both for friends’ and family conventions and for business meetings. Screen and projector are available.

Rent for the room: 40.000 HUF + VAT/day, or 6.500 HUF+VAT/hour.

For request, we offer you biscuits, snacks and drink. Capacity: 26 persons